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Your brand image should influence a perception and create an impression of your business abilities, and we want you to shine. Storm Brain develops websites and e-commerce platforms that uniquely communicate who you are, demonstrate why you’re important, create maximum conversions, drive business growth and profitability, and visually get noticed with mind-boggling design. We build brand image.

Website Design

Your website is essential to influence brand identity and your business development strategy. A professional and purposeful design is critical for other marketing strategies to be successful. Your site should have a purpose and drive your users to action. Storm Brain uniquely specializes in creative, user experience and interaction, in both our front-end and back-end development process. We are so much more than coders or designers; we are web development strategists.

Ecommerce Development

Businesses should have the power to sell products and services through an easy-to-manage Ecommerce platform that is also thoughtful of internal operational logistics for fulfilment. Storm Brain builds reliable, secure, Ecommerce platforms that give you control over your online store, while also delivering intuitive consumer friendly interactions. We provide quick loading pages, easy online checkouts and compelling call to action statements that turn visitors to paying customers.

CMS Design

Creating a relevant website which incorporates design, functionality and organization is essential to meet your evolving business goals.  Storm Brain specializes in multiple CMS platforms, creating custom experiences which meet streamlined site updates, beautiful brand representation, easy content creation and updates, and SEO optimization capabilities.

UI/UX Design

User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) are key components that determine the success of any interactive web application. Storm Brain follows the latest industry design process and UI testing techniques to achieve the optimal experience for your users. Storm Brain products are designed for the next generation UI/UX to increase web application and mobile app performance, while providing users with a uniquely creative interaction.

Responsive Development

When your customers switch from laptop to iPad to mobile device, your website needs to be able to do the same while reaching the same goals for interaction. Storm Brain creates designs and engineering for various device types to make sure that your site is fulfilling its potential in any environment.

Mobile Design & Engineering

Storm Brain’ss engineering team considers application strategy and research to define your specific mobile integration goals. Your customers are reaching you through mobile and your company’s message and application experience should translate to them effectively. Whether we are tackling an omni-channel approach or basic site functionality on multi-devices, our team has you covered with specialized mobile design & engineering.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Your brand represents who you are and the unique assets you bring to your industry. We design with message, using your voice and engaging your community. Whether we’re focused on driving sales, building awareness, teaching the consumer, or just making you look damn good in your market…we implement a brand building strategy process that conveys your brand goals.

Visual Design

Visual design is an essential part of your representation and advertising that must be taken into account with any project. From color to mood, words to beliefs, these all make a strong impression about who you are and what your business can do for your customers. The Storm Brain design team offers the best in the business offering multifaceted design capabilities.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Let the data do the talking. What good is a website if it isn’t attracting customers? Sure it might be really good looking, but is it getting results that effect your business? We challenge analytics and have a tactical approach to reviewing data in order to create enhancements and adjustments that ultimately covert users to customers.

Video & Animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth a thousand more. Video and animation bring your site and marketing campaigns to life, literally, explaining difficult concepts and captivating your audience. We use the integration to tell your story in with digital innovation.

Web Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Regardless of your business size we find that our clients appreciate our approach to a hands on partnership. Storm Brain can host your site, provide daily backup, provide updates and changes, and most importantly be available for ongoing marketing strategy support so that you can focus on the important stuff… driving growth to your business.

Data Visualization

At Storm Brain we know recognize that a static website is boring. That’s why videos, music, infographics, quizzes and more are used to convey information creatively and easily. The colors, the movement, and visual representation of data help viewers quickly understand what you’re all about and deliver content in a much more interesting way.

Stand Out. Make Noise.

We turn your volume up to ten so you get heard, by the people you want listening.

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